When we say ‘No Business is too Small’, we mean it. We got the chance to stretch¬†our start-up legs while working with Baby Addy Children’s Boutique. Morgan, designer and seamstress, wanted an easy way to sell her products online while being able to connect to and advertise with social media.

Baby Addy Children’s Boutique

Baby Addy Children’s Boutique originated when Morgan was unsatisfied with the diversity of baby products available at big box stores. Being an avid seamstress, she began designing and creating things for her daughter. After several requests from family and friends to make custom, one-of-a-kind, items she began producing things in larger quantities.

First Steps with a New Logo

We decided that designing a new logo for Morgan’s brand would be a great compass to navigate the rest of the process. She asked that logo portray her daughter, Addy. After several renditions, we were excited to present her with the logo she uses today. She loved the work and it set a great tone for the rest of the project.

Slick E-commerce Solution

We’re no strangers to e-commerce. We knew that creating a web store for Baby Addy meant making it easy to use across all platforms, displaying compelling product photography, and encouraging sales through cross-selling. The Baby Addy¬†site is all of that. We monitor traffic and acquisition patterns to constantly improve user flow which ultimately increases sales.

Spreading the Word by Getting Social

It was important to generate some social buzz right off the bat for Baby Addy. We didn’t want Morgan sitting on a lot of inventory so we guided her in setting up several accounts around her business including Facebook and Instagram. We set up a campaign calendar that drives likes, follows, and click-through’s to her site. Coupons and giveaways also help to boost her sales.

Our Results

Altogether Baby Addy has seen over 110% increase in Facebook likes. Web traffic also saw a 30% increase after starting some social media marketing. Sales have been good Morgan says and her business continues to grow. We continue to monitor her site and social media accounts to help guide her success.