We worked with Miller & Associates to create an entirely new brand image for their employee sourcing business. We wanted to give them a clean, modern look and feel that is necessary to appeal to more businesses and workers in the area.

Miller & Associates Sourcing Specialists

Miller & Associates is an IT sourcing specialist in Rochester, NY. They give IT, design, and development departments staffing flexibility based on upcoming projects. Judy Miller, President of Miller & Associates approached us with a very common issue that faces small businesses. She wanted to grow her online presence to appeal to new businesses in the area as well as source top talent.

Starting with the Logo

We decided the first change should be to revamp their existing logo. This way we could incrementally apply it to all of their marketing material as needed. The new logo is bold with a hint of color and has clean, crisp lines.

Judy wanted to emphasize that they put their employees first, contrary to many staffing agency models. That’s why we chose to emphasize the ‘&’ with a splash of green, to drive home the notion of employer and employee working together to achieve success.

Upping Their Web Game

We know that a compelling, informative website is a key piece to creating the perfect brand mosaic. We drilled down to the core concepts that make Miller & Associates a great place to work and created a website to reflect that.

Tieing in Public Events

Networking at events generates a lot of business for Miller & Associates. It’s important that their physical presence mirrors their website as much as possible. We design and printed several banners, table cloths, and stand up signage to give Judy a flexible and cohesive booth layout.

Our Results

The new brand image, website design, and booth design helped to land Miller & Associates two major awards in the Rochester area. They received Supplier of the Year from Carestream and Digital Rochester’s Technology Innovation Award.

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